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Why Renting a Car in Israel is the Way to Travel 

Your Israel tour will be Most comfortable if you choose the option of car rental Tel Aviv airport on arrival, and return it just before you embark on your flight home. This way there are no hassles, no unexpected travel costs, and you can travel at your own pace, with no need to answer to anyone. You won't be dependent on drivers or schedules, and you can choose how much time you spend at each destination. You can also add a GPS to your rental car for easy navigation and timely arrival at your location.  

Why Not Travel By Bus, Train, or Taxi?

Sure, Israel has good public transportation. You can travel by bus, train, or hail a 'service taxi' ('sherut' in Hebrew), a shared minibus that seats eight to ten passengers. But on the Sabbath, the bus and train services do not operate. The 'sherut' taxis do, but they are rather uncomfortable. 

Taxis are not always available in remote spots, and their fares can sometimes be exorbitant. Non-Hebrew speaking tourists cannot understand the public announcement systems on buses, as the stops and destinations are only announced in Hebrew. A car is especially useful if you want to travel between cities, as bus schedules are slower than for inner city buses. Make the most of your stay, and drive to places not easily accessible by public transport. Car rental in Israel is a particular boon when touring the Galilee, where buses are infrequent, and trains do not run. 

It's best to drive your way around Israel, whether you're in the country for business or pleasure. Car rental directly from Ben Gurion airport will save you time, as it is a short drive to Israel's major central cities. Advance rental keeps unexpected hitches at a minimum. Renting your car over the internet or by phone is also usually cheaper. Public transport and taxi fares are expenses that often add up surprisingly. Israel's Ministry of Tourism recently reported a record number of tourists visiting the country. Approximately 3.6 million arrived during 2017, 25% more than in 2016. A tourist's average expenditure for the first part of 2017 was $1,600. The average amount spent on transport was $245, a considerable chunk of the expenses.

Rent a car to avoid these costs, and to reach places off the beaten track. Your GPS device will guide you. Israel's roads are clearly marked, and road signs are also in English. You can avoid toll roads, such as Highway 6, thus avoiding surcharges. There is almost never a need for an international driving license. A valid, updated driving license from your native country will do just fine. Please do be aware that the minimal age for car rental is 21, that you drive on the right side of the road in Israel, and that headlights are required at all times of the day between November to April.

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