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Rent a Van in Israel will allow you to reduce gas expenses. You will also need less drivers since one van can fit a group of vacationers. Driving a van rental will also allow you to travel and see the sights and sharing the experience together. Having several kids along the trip means you will need adults to supervise them. If you're not traveling together, you'll be needing more adults to supervise the kids. Renting a van and traveling together with kids makes supervision less complicated. You don't have to worry about getting separated. You won't have to wait for a convoy of cars to follow your itinerary.

Van Rental Offers

Van rental Israel includes vehicles such as the following: 

  • Chevrolet Orlando 1.4 turbo is a sporty multipurpose vehicle, 1798 cc, has automatic transmission and can fit 7 people plus luggage. The world renowned name is known for manufacturing robust and reliable vehicles.
  • Toyota Verso 1.8 is a family 7-seater van that also accommodates large luggage volume. The manual gear box makes it the perfect car rental in Israel.
  • Mazda 5 2.0 is a compact multi purpose vehicle that seats 7. It drives like a sedan and easily at that. Specs include 1999 cc engine cap, 149Bhp, 6000rpm power, 190Nm, 4100rpm torque.
  • Mitsubishi Outlander 2.0 is a 5 door stylish crossover SUV that seats 7. 4-wheel drive, it is perfect for exciting roads with an automatic transmission for comfortable driving.
  • Chevrolet Traverse 3.6 has enough room for eight passengers and luggages. Complete with safety technologies, the 4-door automatic Outlander also has driver convenience and entertainment tools.
To enjoy a complete van rental in Israel experience, we offer the following:

  1. Car roof rack - this amenity is perfect for travelers who have a large volume of luggage. The roof rack compensates for the small trunk of most minivans.
  2. GPS systems - the system is important especially if you want to know where you are anywhere in the globe. Should you need to be assisted in case of a car breakdown, you can easily be located with GPS.
  3. Tow hook for the car - again, in case the car breaks down, overheats and won't move, the tow hook is useful in towing the rental vehicle.

rental condition

A mini van, multi purpose vehicle or van is rented out with the following conditions:

  • A renter can pick up and return the car from all parts of Israel besides Eilat & Ha'arava.
  • A van can be rented for a minimum of 7 days.
  • Mini Vans can only be used for personal and private driving and don't fit other use.