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 Rent a car in Israel - that's how you'll do it right

asons, has significantly grown in number. Why buy a car when you can rent one when you need to? 
A car rental in Israel is the best way to make the most out of your time visiting the country. Especially when you've got company on your vacation, instead of having to pay fare, having a car to drive  around takes the hassle off of a lot of things. Besides, vacations are meant to be fun and relaxing. Then again, it's not only tourists that car rental companies cater to. Many neighborhood renters so to speak, who need a car or a van for a variety of reasons, has significantly grown in number. Why buy a car when you can rent one when you need to? 

Which Rental Company should you choose? 

To rent a car in Israel, we have prepared this list of tips for you to consider. It can help you save time and money and avoid the complications of renting a car in a foreign country. To start things off, big name companies may be a lot more expensive, but it is a good idea to rent a car with a company that's established. There maybe quite a lot of cheap car rentals in Israel, but it is important to do a little research by surfing the net about the ones you can actually trust. That is first and foremost, because things can happen that is beyond your control and having a rental company you can rely on is a big help. Second, you will do well choosing one that has a 24 hour - 7 days a week quick responding customer service channel. In case you need assistance or want to clarify a thing or two with the rental company, you can just pull out your mobile and contact them any time of the day or night. Third, study insurance offers by the rental company. The usually offer collision damage waiver (CDW) and a loss damage waiver (LDW). If you intend to purchase them, make sure it does not duplicate the coverage you already have with your own insurance. Best call your insurance agent to verify coverage before signing up for any other policies or waivers.  

How do you choose the right car?

Comfort and price are two aspects you should consider first before you choose the car you want to rent. Our fourth tip in renting a car is to choose a vehicle that will fit the number of passengers you intend to take with you. Children and adults should be seated comfortably. Fifth tip is to consider the baggage you'll  be carrying with you. Will there be a bicycle, surf board  or maybe a wheelchair? Choose vehicle size wisely by considering the number of passengers and items you'll be bringing along. Sixth, if you're wondering which between automatic and manual transmission to choose, trust your gut. Yes, manual cars maybe cheaper, but it depends on which you're comfortable driving. 

Tips for Driving in Israel

Seventh tip in this list is to always pay attention to the signs on the road. The speed limit in urban areas is 50 km/p/hr and 90 km/p/hr in highways. As for parking, you can't parking on red and white, but you can pay for parking on blue and white. The fee is calculated by hour, but if you're out shopping, some malls will reimburse the fee. Ninth tip is to try and avoid driving on the main interurban roads between 16:00 and 18:00 - these are the busiest hours on the road. Keep this in mind if you hate being stuck in traffic. Tenth tip is to know that you must have a valid ID from your country of origin to be able to drive in Israel. You don't need an international driver’s license, but you should be at least 21 to rent a car.