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Israelis pertain to this district as "The North” or Galilee. It is one of the six administrative districts of Israel.

Travelers all over the world are eager to visit this area for its amazing sceneries and breathtaking vistas. In this regard, the best option for visitors would be to rent a car. Instead of relying on public transportation, which is limited in most areas of the North, it is best for you to bring or rent a car as you explore the district.
There are several benefits of renting a car in Israel. One is time-efficiency.
You need to keep up with your schedule, and renting a car means you are able to control your time. Think about this scenario: you are done admiring the flowers of the Bahai Gardens in Haifa, and you decided to see the beautiful neighborhood of Rosh Pinna.
For this, you need to ride the train, which follows a certain schedule. However, this means at least half an hour of waiting for departure. Add this time to the time you will consume for buying tickets. A supposedly 1 hour and 10 minute-journey turns into a three-hour one.
Upon arrival, you are already tired. You no longer have as much energy to stroll around the beautiful Rosh Pinna, with the beautiful stone houses and roads. On the other hand, renting a car will allow you to get to your destination faster. Moreover, car rental in Israel is a booming business for the locals, so expect the price rates to be affordable.
In this regard, make sure to make a map before flying off. It will serve as a guide for your travel experience in the Northern District.

  • Label the destinations as point a, b, c, d, and so forth. Just think of how convenient and quick it would be to drive a rental car instead of running around catching up with buses.
  • Most of the roads are also located beside wide stretches of brilliant landforms. 

Places to Visit 

To help you out, here are some of the best destinations situated in the Northern District. One more of the ups of renting a car in Israel is the stretch of kilometer one can travel.
Most of the destinations in The North are wide areas. You can start with the city of Haifa. Ride the Haifa cable cars that give tourists a magnificent aerial view of the beautiful sceneries like Mt. Carmel, Baha’I Gardens, and the Clandestine Immigration and Navy Museum.
Visit all the amazing museums Haifa has to offer like the Haifa City Museum and the Madatech Science and Technology Museum.

Another great stop is the Sea of Galilee. Most people who visit this destination are interested in the sea’s history during the time of Christ.

This is where Jesus Christ walked on the water and calmed the storm. The Northern Coastline is also a hot spot for daredevils who want to go paragliding, skiing (Mount Hermon) and biking.
If you’re looking for the perfect place to see the sunrise in Israel, then visit Louis Promenade and bask in the sun. Louis Promenade is also a place to relax, shop, and dine.
In addition, renting a car in Israel gives you a passageway to the mountains like Horns of Hattin, Monte Debora, Mount Tabor, and more. The North in Israel is truly a must-visit destination for travelers out there.