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In a way, Israel is in the center of the world. Located between east and west on the eastern banks of the Mediterranean Sea, there are countless clashes of culture, traditions, and even methods of cooking. The end result is a simply amazing variation of culinary delights located within a country small enough to easily travel by car. 
Supporting both flavors from all parts of the world as well as flavors that are unique to the country itself, holy landI has a growing and interesting culinary scene that will not let you down. All that is left for you to do is to rent a car in Israel and see for yourself one of the ultimate foodie experiences.

Recommended Restaurants Worth Experiencing For Yourself

Israel has countless restaurants worthy of your time and your money. When it comes to luxury food, Tel Aviv has an incredible selection of some of the best cuisine in the country to choose from. Mul Yam, Catit, Messa, and Pronto are but a few of the examples. With each offering its own take on Western and Eastern influences, the end result is simply divine.
In addition to the restaurants popular at the city center, there are also countless stops at smaller stands and eateries along the road. The culinary scene in Jerusalem is on the rise. Also, a popular road trip includes heading from south to west, taking in the range of spices and flavors as you gradually head up towards Haifa. From corner stands selling freshly picked dates, fruits, and vegetables, to neighborhood restaurants specializing in the local flavors of the area, it is hard to go wrong when there is so much excellent food to choose from.

What You Should Consider Bringing Home With You On Your Return Trip

There are some foods in Israel that are either better than anything you will find elsewhere, or simply don’t exist outside the country.  Silan for example is a popular combination of milk and honey, referenced in the Bible and quite tasty. 
Be sure to purchase from a reputable buyer.  Sweet dates are another popular treat taken home by tourists and grown in the country.  Spice packets like the biblical hyssop are also quite popular. 
In the end, take the time to discover what foods you truly enjoy and stock up on them before heading out.  Spices are the best way to ensure that you can recreate some of the dishes you had.