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 To cross Israel in one week only

So you plan to spend a week in Israel. How can you see three seas in such a short time? It's totally
possible in a small country like Israel. And with the right kind of planning, and suitable transport, it's a cinch! During your week-long trip, you'll be able to manage the Mediterranean Sea, grab a great time in the Galilee, and delight in the Dead Sea, or as it's often called nowadays - the Sea of Life.

Travel Israel's Coastal Highway to Reach a Beach

Some of the best beaches along the Mediterranean shores are located in Israel, many in central Tel Aviv. Whether it's the Manta Ray beach, very close to Jaffa, or Metzitzim beach, which is only minutes from the Tel Aviv Port, in the city's north, you're guaranteed a good time, including family fun, water sports, volleyball, and the Israeli version of paddleball, called 'Matkot'. Tel Aviv is such a tolerant place, and Hilton beach is amenable to people of all orientations and lifestyles. If you're not completely exhausted by the evening, you can play drums, sing and dance on the Dolphinarium beach come sundown. Car Rental Tel Aviv to avoid being dependent on public transport's routes and schedules. 

But do you really need a car? Quite simply: yes. Israel's fabulous Mediterranean beaches range all over the country, and are accessible via the Coastal Highway, Route 2. Dado Zamir beach is located in central Haifa, a city in northern Israel, and Dor Habonim beach is near Haifa, off Route 4. Part of a coastal nature reserve, this beach has natural lagoons and is suitable for families with children. The Aqueduct beach in Caesarea boasts ancient Roman ruins, and has beautiful white sand. Netanya, in Israel's northern central district, is also a coastline city with many beaches, such as the Sironit beach. Beit Yannai beach, slightly further north, is a wonderful camping spot. 

Galilee Glory

The Sea of Galilee, or the 'Kinneret' in Hebrew is actually a freshwater lake, the largest in Israel. It is located in the east part of the Galilee region, and framed by the Golan heights. As this is where Jesus was reportedly spotted walking on the water, in front of his awed disciples, it is a very popular pilgrimage spot for Christians. But regardless of your religion, the Galilee is a beautiful place to visit. The local city of Tiberias has a plethora of archeological remains. It also has excellent restaurants, which serve sea delicacies, like St. Peter's fish. You can stay overnight at a guesthouse on one of the many Kibbutz communities, accessible via Route 90. 

Dead Sea Delights

Take Route 1 from Jerusalem to reach the sea found at the lowest point of the earth. The Dead Sea is also one of the saltiest in the world, named such because fish cannot survive in such a salty environment. However, it is also called the Sea of Life by cosmetic companies, that sell products containing beneficial minerals from this sea. Slather yourself with these skin friendly creams, or simply jump into the mud at Mineral beach or Kalia beach. The salt water is wonderful for your skin, and has even been known to cure psoriasis. 

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