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Israel is a country of rich culture and historical importance. From the ancient temples of Jerusalem to the modern-day city of Tel Aviv, tourists always have something to do and somewhere to go. Behold the beautiful sights as you journey across the desert landscape. It is truly a life-changing experience to visit one of the world’s oldest countries, but you also need to get from one place to another. The most efficient way to explore Israel is by rental car. They provide mobility a tourist needs when they travel, especially in the hot desert climate.

Upon your arrival in Israel, keep in mind factors that determine the efficiency of your trip experience. The most important is the time it takes to get from one location to the next. In other words, you need a solution which lets you save time when you travel. For example, as you navigate the airport, you think about the fastest direction to your next destination. Another example is when you reserve at your hotel, you also think about your time’s best use and what nearby locales you should visit. The solution is to rent a car from a trustworthy company.



.Why Car Rentals?

There are several benefits to car rentals, especially in a diverse country like Israel. First and foremost is travel speed. After all, you want to spend less time sitting in a car and more time to visit the local hotspots. You can go anywhere you want at any time. Affordability is also important. There is an ongoing revolution in car rentals where you can make big-time savings. Consider the costs of hotel reservations, and you start to appreciate a reduction in rental car prices. Are you debating on which company should you choose? You need a company that provides urgent solutions to your problems. Your trip is only made better by professional drivers and affordable prices.


Tamir Rental

We are Tamir Rental, and we have a saying - "the customer is the main location.” Since 1972, our family-owned business continues to be industry leaders, with a commitment to personal safety. Local and international clients agree we offer the best rates with satisfactory customer service. We have a large vehicle inventory so we can provide you safe rental cars. Just make a reservation to pick you up.

Not only do we handle your luggage with special care, but we also update you on local traffic and drive through the best routes. Our knowledgeable drivers have years of experience and dedication. We can even provide our towing truck for immediate roadside assistance. If you have any questions, our 24/7 phone service has the answers you need. Our multilingual callers speak English, Hebrew, French, Russian, and German for your convenience. You can even call us for a free quote. Tamir Rental prides itself as Israel’s finest car rental company. We want customers for life, and we genuinely believe in a great travel experience. Just give us a call anytime and anywhere; we are always there for you.

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