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How To choose a rental car company in Israel?

Once you’ve decided you'd like to rent a car for the period of religious holidays  or school vacation, for trips with friends, or for daily needs as part of a leasing arrangement, it’s important that you choose the services of a company able to ensure you the most appropriate vehicle for your needs and the safest, most comfortable vehicle. 

Contacting the best company for your needs

Who doesn’t want a car rental service in Israel that offers the best prices? But how can you tell which company is worth contacting? That’s why it’s important to decide on the kind of service you're interested in, the parameters of importance to you in the vehicle you need, your budget, what you need the car rental for, and only then choose the car rental company.

But there are so many companies…

If the large number of car rental companies is confusing, and you're not familiar with the car rental companies in Israel offering their services beyond the advertisements on TV and radio jingles, these tips can help you find the right company: 
  • Safety. First and foremost, the car’s safety is of utmost importance. The company you contact for car rental or purchase must be able to ensure that its vehicles have passed the most stringent safety tests, from engine to tires. Check that the company’s vehicles are maintained only by licensed service stations. It’s intimate that the car is checked before being rented out. Make sure the vehicle receives periodic maintenance, is clean, and that the company commits to repairing any fault that may occur in the vehicle.
  • A large array of services. A company that offers its clients a broad and diverse range of options, such as one day car rental or longer terms such as one month car rental, as well as services such as vehicle sales, leasing arrangements and car rental options such as single day, weekly or monthly, this is clearly a company with a strong and stable economic base that can offer clients the most attractive options.
  • Reputation for satisfaction. A company that has operated in the field and earned a reputation for client satisfaction is undoubtedly a company whose services you'd be interested in.
  • Expansive supply of vehicles. From small vehicles to family size or vehicles suited to CEOs, with a range of attractive prices. Any solid car rental company should be able to easily supply 8 seater vehicles for hire.
Safety and comfort are the two primary parameters when choosing a car rental. When you contact the car rental company, make sure it’s one that is concerned with the safety of its vehicles, and is reliable and professional as far as carrying out all necessary checks and maintenance services for each of the vehicles it offers for car rental or sale. 
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