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Thinking of a nice Hotel in Israel while renting at Tamir? Think again!

Israel is indeed a beautiful place. Varied places, mixed cultures and different climates in such a small area, only 450km long (280 miles).

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe there is another option rather than a crowded hotel?

Think about the following situation: You're spending the day with your partner after a long day of traveling, site seeing and Driving in Israel. Your desire is a relaxing evening with your beloved, but the next door family's kids are shouting and screaming, disturbing your quiet night.
Tamir Car Rental Israel offers you an upgrade for you stay in Israel in a special zimmer. 

A "zimmer" is a bed and breakfast guest house, but with an unusual twist.
You have a quiet and well-appointed little house to yourself in the most beautiful locations in Israel. The Zimmer industry in Israel has come through a long way in the last couple of years, and there are lots of choices to keep you enchanted.

Many kibbutzes and moshavs offer Zimmer where you can take part in their unique peace and quiet. It's a great way to have a sense of quiet and privacy, yet be close to everything. You can find a Zimmer on the water line of the Mediterranean Sea, a Zimmer in the heart of the woods at the Galil up north, Zimmer cabins with a breath taking view of Judean desert, or you can even choose a Zimmer on top of the Golan Mountains watching the peaceful Sea of Galilee. There are many more amazing locations.

On your next visit to Israel, Tamir rent a car will be happy to help you find the best priced car rental in israel and a great Zimmer to fit your needs.

Here in Tamir, we care about more than renting you a car, we also work hard on making you want to come again.

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