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All the Holy Places in Israel The Holy Land is the connection of every religion’s faith to the existence and belief in the Higher Being it worships. It was mentioned both in the Holy Books of major religions in the world, and all throughout history, as studied by Bible scholars and archaeologists. The concept of the Holy Land is itself a symbol of how believers and followers attach so much importance to such a place. That is why renting a car in Israel is a must for travelers.


History and faith coincides with the holiest and most important part of their faith.
It was mentioned in the Bible that the sacred Ark of the Covenant is believed to be the place where the Holy Land (in Hebrew, Eretz KaKodesh) is currently situated. Way back in the 16th century, this place had a very strong impact on the Jews. It is to be noted that many of history’s prophets and other patriarchs were buried there. In this regard, getting to tour the important spots in the Holy Land with ease is among the benefits of renting a car in Israel.

Renting a car in Israel and visit the holy places: Christianity 

  • In the context of Christianity, the Holy Land has a strong connection with Jesus.
The Scriptures and the Holy Bible’s chronology of Jesus’ life until his crucifixion--and later his resurrection--mirror the events that every Christian is familiar with.
  • Pilgrims should take note of the ups of renting a car in Israel when planning to travel there.
Visiting the Holy Land for Christians is more of an immersion in the rich history and faith that Christianity bestows on every believer.


For the Islam religion, Muhammad is the key image for the concept of the Holy Land. In the Holy Book of Qu’ran, Jerusalem has been mentioned by Muhammad as "the holy city.” Holy mosques were built in the old city of Jerusalem like the Al-Aqsa.
Historically, Islam and Judaism clashed with each other with regards to who should claim the Holy Land. This happened after an unsuccessful attempt of Muhammad to convert the Jews into the Muslim faith. It is best to say that religion had not been kind to both parties, yet the Holy Land stands alone-- unclaimed up to this day.


The Druze religion, being an offshoot of Islam, was influenced by Greek beliefs and philosophies.
 It had its own prophet in the person of Jethro. It was a known fact that they also acknowledged the prophet status of Muhammad and Jesus among their beliefs. Based on the history of Druze’s prominence, the religion was not widely accepted then. Over time, however, it was able to build up its own followers. They built prayer houses called khalwa, where Kitab Al Hikma (Epistles of Wisdom), served as their holy scripture.
No matter what religion an individual believes in, the Holy Land is a common ground where all can agree on something. It is a fact that the Holy Land became a common point for all their beliefs to recognize the existence of a Higher Being and uphold its holiness. The next time you add travel or pilgrimage to your bucket list, be sure to check the right car rental Israel so you can easily reach your destination.