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Drive Around Israel in Style

Tamir Rental offer both short-term and long-term rental services, which allow you to plan your trip accordingly.  

High Quality Vehicles  

We have 11 different categories of cars to provide you with a personalized experience in a vehicle you have always dreamed of driving like Mitsubishi Outlander, Hyundai i40cw, Chevrolet Spark, Seat Toledo, and ISUZU D-MAX 4X4. Whichever car you choose, you are sure to impress. 

Look Good, Feel Good 

Whether you are in Israel for an important business trip or a pleasure-seeking vacation, the quote "look good, feel good” always applies when you are choosing a car to drive in. The better-looking vehicle you find yourself in, the better you feel, which leads to an all-around better experience of Israel. 

We Make Getting Around Israel Easy 

Many parts of Israel can be challenging to get to using public transportation, so choosing to rent a private car is indeed the most efficient, not to mention attractive, option. Our rental vehicles make shopping in Tel Aviv and seeing historical sites in Jerusalem easy to do. 
We offer 24-hour phone service where you can reach us at 1-800-1888-2118148 for our toll-free from the US to Israel office and 800-8400-8400 for our toll-free in Europe. Our main line is 09-374-1212. You may also contact us any time at Visit our website for everything you need to know: Call or email us with the details of your trip, and we provide a free quote!
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