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One common question asked by many, before they rent a car, SUV or van is whether they should choose automatic or manual transmission. Israel car rental offers both automatic and manual, at different prices of course. If you are in the dilemma, let's discuss both transmission methods before making a recommendation. 

Advantages of Driving Automatic

An automatic car rental is known for its comfortable driving and efficient operations. The chances of you destroying the gear box is very low - for a rental, that's quite an important feature.  If you have been driving an automatic in your origin country, choose an automatic as well when faced with this decision in a car rental Tel Aviv. This type of transmission automatically shifts gears upwards or downwards based on the acceleration or deceleration requirements. Suddenly choosing to drive a manual when you're used to driving an automatic is an experiment you shouldn't risk especially in a foreign country. 

Advantages of a Manual Car Transmission

Gears sticks that shift or move in an H pattern is manual. To shift between gears, you will press on the clutch pedal and move the gear stick to the proper position to feed the engine its requirement. Knowing when to shift gears is often associated with the sound the engine makes. A high pitch requires a big gear. It can be quite tricky and often, younger drivers are used to automatic chalk since newer car models come with an automatic transmission. Then again, fuel consumption is less with the manual chalk. Another issue is that automatic car rentals are hard to find. You pay a premium for car rentals with automatic transmission compared to choosing manual. 

Which is Better? 

Renting and driving a car in a foreign country will have it's complications. There are a lot of things to be considered and experimenting on something you're not used to won't help. Not in the least. Both transmission types have their advantages and disadvantages, but it  all boils down to which the driver is more comfortable with. For example, driving in any city will require you to stop and start often because of traffic conditions. Obviously, an automatic would be a better choice or you'll tire denting the clutch repeatedly to change gears. But looking at things from a different perspective, such as cost implications, automatic cars need more servicing than manuals. Then there's the fact that renting a manual car is cheaper than renting an automatic. The specialized demand for automatic cars are usually from tourists. In almost any country, locals tend to drive manual cars. Consider the fact that owning automatic cars is indeed more expensive, rental companies price automatic transmission higher than manual.

All in all, to answer the question about which transmission type is better  requires a different kind of evaluation. Price and comfort are your key considerations when choosing a rental. So the choice between the two transmission types really depends who will drive the car and what they prefer.