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Tamir Group car rentals for tours in Israel

Touring is without a doubt one of the best ways to switch out of our routines and take time to escape our pressures. Trips and tours can be great with family, friends, relatives, and even as company employee consolidated and social days. When planning a great day together, your best option is to contact a car rental company in Israel which offers vehicles for trips, get your group together, and set out to travel to Israel’s amazing sites.

Car rental with Tamir Group

With Tamir Group Car Rental you'll enjoy personalized service and a wide range of vehicle options suited to traveling throughout Israel. Tamir Group vehicles for hire are among the most current and updated in the market and meant to serve you dependably on any trip you take, or for any other purpose. Whether you're looking for a one-day car rental, one-month car rental, or for any other period, we’ve got the vehicle that will suit your needs. Our company’s vehicles are consistently well-maintained, which ensures you enjoy safety throughout your trip.

Take a trip in a minibus for your company social consolidation event. Find large vehicles for hire for diverse purposes to allow you maximum comfort and enjoyment, including minibusses. Pay attention that these may require a specific class of driver’s license so pay attention when booking your minibus that you have the appropriate license at hand. For small groups, enjoy our fleet of 7 seat rental vehicles or 8 seat rental vehicles.

What points should you pay attention to before renting a car?

Renting a car comes with responsibility. That’s why it’s important that you take certain parameters into account before booking a vehicle for trips and tours:
  • Check whether the car rental company limits kilometers / miles -  Many car rental companies limit the mileage you're allowed. Going over that limit incurs additional costs. Check this before you book.
  • Check what the procedure is if the vehicle breaks down -  Most car rental companies offer road services if the vehicle is fault. Nonetheless it’s worth checking how long they commit to before reaching you and whether they provide services to all parts of the country. Additionally, some insurance companies offer insurance for rented vehicles. This is another option you may find useful when renting a car for trips in Israel.
  • Check who is allowed to drive the car -  Usually, adding an additional driver incurs a small extra fee. Check how much that is, and be clear on whether the drive is over 24 years old and has sufficient legal driving time to be allowed to replace you if you get tired. If you're spare driver is a "young driver” the additional fee will be significantly higher.


What documents do you need to present to rent a car?

If you're taking a trip in Israel and intend to drive across areas that are not asphalted, it’s worth hiring a 4WD vehicle to maximize your enjoyment and your travel experience even in rocky terrain or the desert. There’s nothing quite like field trips and Israel has plenty of places where this is possible. If you’ve booked your field trip vehicle and looking for places to have a great time, check out the great information and ideas here.

If you're interested in hiring a car, made your booking, and set out on your trip with family, friends or work colleagues, don’t forget to have a great time, drive carefully, and create fabulous memories.
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