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With more than 8,000 square miles of country, Israel is smaller in area than the US state of New Jersey.  That being said, the landscapes across Israel vary dramatically, oftentimes offering such a wide array of vistas that it is hard to believe how so many things can be so close.  Simply put, Israel is a country calling to be discovered and explored.
Making it possible to navigate this country are the well-maintained roadways and highways that connect the largest population centers with the most beautiful scenery available in this part of the world.  Having discovered the value and importance of these sites a long time ago, Israelis have a tradition of family road trip.  Friends, families, and small groups would get together and travel to one of the many beautiful nature reserves in the area.  Now you can too.
For your next adventure, rent a car in israel and consider a road trip through Israel.  Providing countless sites within a remarkably short distance from one another, you can take the best of what this country has to offer while navigating the well-maintained roadways that crisscross the country.  Below are just three of the many options available to you.

The Haifa-Tel Aviv Road Trip

Offering an incredible range of scenery, the Haifa to Tel Aviv road trip snakes its way up the coastline of Israel and provides an incredible range of sites to explore.  For example, just outside Tel Aviv is the world-renowned Apollonia National Park.  Sitting on top of a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean, it is also one of the most popular parks in the country.  National parks, golf courses, and reserves help to diversify a trip spent traveling between two of the largest population centers in the country.

Tel Aviv – Jerusalem

Beginning in Tel Aviv, you can start exploring Jaffa even before you get the car rental.  After that, you can begin making your way inland on the 1.  Taking in the sites and sounds of the mountains and hills as you cross to Jerusalem, you can experience an incredible coming together of cultures and religions in this holy city.

Haifa - East

Beginning in Haifa, you can take in the culture and history of this ancient city.  From there, you can work your way east Towards Nazareth.  Surrounding the city are countless parks and reserves that you can explore either by yourself or with friends/family.