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When you reach Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, you do not have to worry about your safety because the place is voted as the top international airport when talking about issues on security.

In fact, it is so strict that you should be at the airport earlier to avoid missing your flight. 16 million of people passing through this location every year. Going to your destination, you can hire car rental Ben Gurion Airport. 

Despite the huge number of people it accommodates each year, this Tel Aviv airport is able to maintain its cleanliness. Being a large and busy airport, there is no way you can find a quiet space to sleep, wheather you're about to go to Israel or that you're already seen the awesome places it offers.
But to at least reduce the noise and to somehow relax your ears, you can use ear plugs and play your favorite music.
Aside from being surrounded by people, most of whom are busy talking excitedly about their tours, you can also wear eye masks to avoid being stressed out by bright lights. If you and your group are Economy class travelers, you can all purchase a pass to allow you to rest in airport lounges.
You can also surf the Internet, just like everyone in the airport, while waiting for your car rental in the Ben Gurion Airport to be processed as WiFi is free.
In case your mobile phone battery went off, there’s a station where you can do phone battery charging.
Expect to see some individuals looking anxious while lining up at the immigration, may be praying that they do not have to undergo the process of waiting and answering questions as security measures being implemented by the airport.
With many reports of people being held for questioning before they are able to get in and out of the Ben Gurion airport, this feeling is understandable. Security personnel go around the terminal building. There are weight sensor, undercarriage scan and trunk x-ray. 

Waiting to Get to Our Rented Car in Tel Aviv Airport - what will we percieve? 

People from all walks of life gather around in this busy airport.
You can easily tell that they are of different races and religions. As mentioned earlier, everyone is talking, mostly in English. Individuals are in groups, indicating that they are tourists or students on an educational trip.
Almost everyone is smiling, again, except for some who are lined up in that ‘special lane’, waiting to be questioned by immigration personnel. In general, airport personnel do not mind if you are an overnight traveler, but you should expect security staff to ask your passport and ticket for checking. In case you want to stay in a hotel, a number of hotels are located nearby like the Avia Hotel and Resort, which is only seven minutes away.  

  • For car rental Ben Gurion Airport, you can go to the first floor in the Arrivals Hall.
  • You will be directed by a personnel going to the free shuttle located at the Pardes parking lot.
  • There, you can find agencies that offer car rental Tel Aviv Airport.