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A Car Accident with a Rented Car

As drivers, we should take extra precaution on the road to avoid accidents. However, it should also be stated that, no amount of extra care when driving can totally eliminate the possibility of a roadside accident. There are just too many factors that can cause one and all we can do is to be prepared for what we should do next. In the case of car rentals, some folks think it's okay to go wild on the road since the vehicle is not theirs to begin with. Even if you took a car from a cheap car rental in Israel, you still have a responsibility to take care of the unit and avoid damaging it.
As a human being, we take extra care when on the road to avoid causing others harm. Besides, accidents with a rented car can be quite expensive and tedious to process. There is a lot of paperwork involved to avoid draining your savings or spending time in jail for not being able to pay for physical injuries caused and  damages to the rented vehicle as well. It maybe a good thing that to rent a car in Israel requires you to purchase three mandatory insurance policies and one optional. The assistance it can give you after an accident can be quite life-saving especially if you know how to process a claim and file an accident report properly. Then there's the Israel car rental deals that usually include a collision waiver or a liability waiver. You purchase these policies not just to follow rules and regulations, but to be prepared when something goes wrong. 

This is why it is also important for you to know what your agreement with a rental company contains. Review it thoroughly, especially the part about what responsibilities you both have in case of an accident. Don't sign contracts and agreements lightly. You have to be certain that you're not getting the losing end of the deal. Luckily, this rarely happens in agreements with car rental in Israel, but it won't hurt for you to check what your contract contains. 

Also, in case you are in an accident, the first thing you should do is to check if you have any injuries and then check if passengers are okay. Inspect your surroundings especially if another car is involved. Making sure everyone is alright is the first thing you should worry about. In case of fire or fuel leakage, be sure to move away from the vehicle should it explode. Call 100 for the police, 101 for an ambulance and 102 for the fire department in Israel. At the soonest time possible, you must get in touch with your insurance agent and the rental company as well. You have to know how you should proceed and how to file an accident report for claims. The collision and comprehensive coverage should take care of the damages to the rental vehicle. If you purchase the waivers from the rental company, they release you from the agreement you made for responsibilities you have with the rental. 

Last but not the least, as for damages incurred on the vehicle, you should cross check the vehicle condition report for any existing damages. The VCR will have all the pertinent information about the vehicle, as well as any other condition it already has before you brought it out of the rental company. 
Keep a calm and collected attitude through out the entire ordeal and you'll find that you can think clearly and faster than if you panic.