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Israelis and tourists may need to rent a vehicle in Israel from a quality, reliable and efficient company. The Tamir Group rental company provides a variety of advanced solutions, including rental of a vehicle for 7 or 8 persons. There’s a significant difference between the categories of vehicles for 7 places or 8 places beyond the additional seat. These differences define the different prices, levels of comfort, leg room, and trunk space for suitcases and equipment.
Whether you're traveling comfortably around Israel, enjoying the perfect holiday, or making longer trips with the family, it’s important to rental a suitable vehicle. For a family of 3 to 5 people, a family car with 5 places may be suitable. Larger families or families wanting a greater level of comfort, fuel savings and larger trunk should check with us about renting a vehicle with 7 seats or 8 seats. The more spacious, fuel saving, comfortable and safe a vehicle is, the smoother and more pleasant your journeys will be while maintaining savings on fuel costs, an important element for vehicles meant to take you on trips. Fuel cost savings let you enjoy worry free longer journeys.


 Renting a 7 seat or 8 seat vehicle: what level of driver’s license is needed?

Certain limitations exist on the transporting this number of passengers. When you rent a 7 seat or 8 seat vehicle, it’s important to check several points with the car rental company:
  • What level of driver’s license is needed?
  • Is any special type of driver’s license necessary?
  • What are the limitations regarding a ‘new driver’?
  • Are there limitations relating to number of years as a driver?
The Israel Ministry of Transport states that a Class B driver’s license entitles the driver to transport up to 8 passengers excluding the driver even if the van is towing a trailer of up to 1,500 kg. However, in the category for 7 seat vehicles, some vehicles have commercial engines or are work vehicles and require a Class C1 driver’s license.
 Car rental companies offer multiple solutions suited to client needs, including: rental of 8 seat and 7 seat vehicles. Some vehicles require a Class D license. We recommend consulting with the rental company’s representative who can recommend the ideal vehicle for your overall needs, including taking into account the following:
  • Quality and nature of client’s driving capabilities
  • Limitations of the law regarding driver age
  • Matching a vehicle optimally as far as size and number of passengers or family members
  • Fuel consumption savings
  • Spaciousness and comfort
  • Size of trunk
  • Preferred accessories
It’s worth noting that most of the car rental companies in Israel have fairly uniform policies concerning car rental conditions:
1. Minimum age for renting a car is 24 years old
2. A young driver is allowed to drive the rental car if she or he is at least 21 years old and purchases appropriate damage coverage
3.Only a driver with a valid license and at least 2 years of experience can drive a rented vehicle, as long as that driver was present when the vehicle was collected and her or his name is listed on the agreement

The differences between 8 seat and 7 seat family vehicles

When planning a journey or vacation in Israel, or simply want to arrive comfortably at an event, family affair or visit friends, but the number of persons needing to get there is more than 5, a family car from categories D, E, F, G or H are inappropriate. No car rental company in Israel will agree to more than 5 people in a family vehicle because that is the provision of the law and is stated on the vehicle license. The only other option is to choose a vehicle with 7 places o 8 places. The relevant vehicle categories are: J, K, M and P. V3.Only a driver with a valid license and at least 2 years of experience can drive a rented vehicle, as long as that driver was present when the vehicle was collected and her or his name is listed on the agreement

  • It is important to note that the different letters delineating vehicle categories may alter from one company to another. Make sure you check this when planning to book a rental car for amonth, day, week or longer period.
A regular family car comfortably carries 4 or 5 people including the driver. If you're planning a camping outing to the Sea of Galilee, or some other location, and need a large trunk to comfortably carry your equipment as well as comfortable seating space, consider renting a vehicle with 7 seats or 8 seats. To legally travel with more than 5 individuals in the car, choose from a wide range of models which are more appropriate to your needs.
 Types of vehicles available with 7 seats or 8 seats
In the category of vehicles for rent with 7 seats or 8 seats, we offer comfortable, accessorized minivans, leisure vehicles and luxury vehicles. Rent a well appointed minivan with 7 places, such as Chevrolet Orlando or Mitsubishi Grandis. Rent a luxury vehicle with spacious comfortable seats such as the Mitsubishi Outlander, considered particularly cost saving. Choose a Chevrolet Traverse with 8 places. Rent a work vehicle with 7 or 8 seats, including cost saving models with quality accessorization and comfort.
So, before you rush into renting a 7 seat or 8 seat vehicle, make the right choice by knowing the parameters of importance, and relating to the following: 
 Leg room and seat size
Fuel consumption costs
Size of trunkTowed trailer option
Relevant driver’s license
Cost for one day car rental or other period
Level of accessorization 
Service option of having the vehicle brought to you and picked up from you 
Additional accessories such as booster or infant seats, GPS, etc
Level of maintenance and safety

Renting a 7 seat or 8 seat vehicle with Tamir Group  

Tamir Group was established in 1972 and is one of the leading and oldest companies in car rental services in Israel. Tamir Group holds a large and varied fleet of vehicles including 7 seater and 8 seater options. Tamir Group offers car rental services for short term or long term. We specialize in used car leasing for all car types. Tamir Group runs a trade in department, offers vehicles for sale, holds used car specials, and provides other services to the general public and business sector for an annually increasing pool of satisfied clients. 

Tamir Group offers advanced innovative solutions to perfectly match our clients’ needs. Tamir Group also has business departments and branches in Europe and USA. Tamir Group operates under full transparency and is known for its generous professional service, attractive prices and personalized attention.
Call us to consult or for a price quote. Call us today or leave your details and we’ll get back to you soon!

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