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Zimmer in Israel

Thinking of a nice Hotel in Israel while renting at Tamir? Think again!

Israel is indeed a beautiful place. Varied places, mixed cultures and different climates in such a small area, only 450km long (280 miles). Have you ever stopped to think that maybe there is another option rather than a crowded hotel?!

Think about the following situation: You're spending the day with your partner after a long day of traveling , site seeing and Driving in Israel. Your desire is a relaxing evening with your beloved, but the next door family's kids shouting and screaming, disturbing your quiet night. "TAMIR"- car Rental Israel offers you an upgrade for you stay in Israel – A Zimmer !!

A "zimmer" is a bed and breakfast guest house, but with an unusual twist. You have a quiet and well-appointed little house to yourself in the most beautiful locations in Israel. The Zimmer industry in Israel has come through a long way in the last couple of years, and there are lots of choices to keep you enchanted. It's a great way to have a sense of quiet and privacy, yet be close to everything. You can find a Zimmer on the water line of the Mediterranean Sea, or in the heart of the woods at the Galil up north.

There are cabins with a breath taking view of Judean desert. Many kibbutzes and moshavs offer Zimmer where you can take part in their unique peace and quiet. You can choose a Zimmer on top of the Golan Mountains watching the peaceful Sea of Galilee. And there are many more…

On your next visit to Israel, "TAMIR rent a car" will be happy to help you find the best car and Zimmer to fit your needs. Because here in TAMIR, we care more than renting you a car, but also making you want to come again…

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