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High Season Dates:

From: 25/03/2015 Until: 26/04/2015 From: 17/05/2015 Until: 31/05/2015 From: 21/06/2015 Until: 10/10/2015 From: 03/12/2015 Until: 10/01/2016 From: 25/03/2016 Until: 26/04/2016

Cheap Car Rental Israel

We have the cheapest rates and cleanest rental cars in Israel with a large, diverse and modern auto inventory.

Prices and Terms

Price does not include VAT. If you do not hold an Israeli passport, you will not be charged VAT. Only tourists with B2, B3, or B4 visas are exempt from the .18% VAT. Renters of all commercial vehicles pay VAT by law (both tourists & Israeli passport holders).

If you are looking for great service and cheap car rental Israel prices - look no further and contact our Israeli car rental agency for details.

Low Season
Car Category 1-2 Days 3-6 Days Weekly Rate Monthly Rate
B 45$  39$ 220$ 630$
C 47$ 45$ 240$ 660$
F 49$ 47$ 250$ 750$
G 53$ 50$ 275$ 880$
H 60$ 55$ 320$ 900$
L 70$ 60$ 360$ 920$
M 110$ 100$ 580$ 1450$
J 120$ 110$ 690$ 1600$
P 145$ 130$ 750$ 1750$

High Season
Car Category 1-2 Days 3-6 Days Weekly Rate Monthly Rate
B 45$  44$ 265$ 750$
C 49$ 47$ 275$ 830$
F 52$ 50$ 350$ 900$
G 63$ 60$ 400$ 1100$
H 75$ 70$ 450$ 1300$
L 85$ 80$ 500$ 1400$
M 150$ 140$ 900$ 2400$
J 180$ 160$ 990$ 2700$
P 210$ 180$ 1250$ 3200$

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You can find quality service and cheaper car rentals in Israel when you know what the locals know – Tamir Rental Car. We keep our car rental rates low in Israel because we thrive on repeat business. We value your patronage and want to earn your business time and again by gaining your trust for the long run. That’s how we do business. In fact 96% of our customers are repeats.

For the Best Car Rental Service in Israel – Think Tamir!

Luxury car rentals in Israel do not have to come with a high price tag. We have rental cars according to your needs, for your schedule and for the cheapest rates in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and other major cities in Israel. Why pay more when you can get everything you want in one place? When we say the best car rental in Israel we mean:

The cheapest car rental rates in Israel
The best selection of newer cars that are checked for safety on a regular basis
A wide selection of accessories to make your driving experience in Israel enjoyable
Roadside assistance anytime you need it
24 hour 7 days a week customer service

Sometimes Cheaper IS Better

In our case, cheaper is better. You get quality service and the best vehicles for lower rates because your satisfaction is our priority and key to our family business. With Tamir Car Rental Israel Ltd. all you have to worry about is having enough time to drive to all the places you want to see in Israel. Leave the rest to us.

We look forward to earning your business. Contact us today, call 1-800.

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Tamir Rental

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Toll Free Europe: Country Access Code + 800-8400-8400
Israel Office: +972-9-8616470
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